Breathtaking beautiful views, blue waters, white waves lapping at the sandy beaches is what Mirissa is known for. The odd island to conquer or the cool natural rock pools are just some of bonus points offered by Mother Nature herself, but this beautiful destination is best known as a surfing and snorkelling spot. However, Mirissa has more to offer than the sights and waters sports. The Siri Sunandarama Temple is one of the most sacred Buddhist places of the town. The town, which is famous for masked dancing, the temple is home to a collection of traditional masks, whilst the second is found in the village of Udupila.  At times of festivities, this small fishing town comes alive with masked dancers making their way to the temple to offers their respects.  One of the best things about this quaint fishing town is also the fact you may indulge in whale and dolphin watching.  Make sure to indulge in this delightful attraction and be awed by these majestic mammals.